Strategic advantages

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A culmination of factors drive Parkes Shires' economic performance. Initially, the Shire was built on farming and mining and quickly pivoted to a region able to support transportation and logistics demands. Parkes Shire Council has been instrumental in maintaining and improving investment potential in the Local Government Area, with NSW government and private enterprise recognising the opportunity and acting upon it with further investment, as evidenced by the Special Activation Precinct and the Inland Rail. 

Road and rail connectivity

Parkes Shire is positioned at the crossroads of Australia's largest freight networks. By rail, Parkes is the Centrepoint of the Sydney-Perth rail corridor and the N-S Newell Highway road corridor, as well as the projected Melbourne to Brisbane Inland Rail project.

Parkes is the first port on the east coast where trains can be double-stacked and transported west to Adelaide and Perth. The Shire's central location enables 80% of Australia's population to be reached overnight from Parkes by road. This central location has enabled businesses undertaking work within the region to benefit from improved transportation efficiencies.

Low cost

Industrial land in the Parkes Shire is far more affordable than our capital city counterparts. Warehousing in Parkes is at least 50% cheaper than in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. At the same time, fully serviced industrial blocks are one-tenth of the cost compared to Sydney's western suburbs.

On average, industrial land in Parkes is 5-10% of Australian metro areas whilst providing numerous strategic advantages. As a central location between Sydney, Melbourne and Parkes, the Shire is well prepared for freight transportation to travel to Australia's largest ports at a significantly lesser cost.

Scale and accessibility

Parkes Special Activation Precinct is expected to become Australia's largest inland intermodal site, tripling the size of Sydney's Moorebank freight terminal. The site will be 6000ha, fully buffered and zones for 24/7 operations. The precinct has been purposefully designed to enhance freight and logistics in Australia, with Parkes being the centre point of the project.

Modal choice and solutions

Parkes currently has various modal solutions for potential investors to utilise, with the selection expected to grow as the Inland Rail project progresses. Parkes is the first port west of Sydney that can accommodate double-stacked rail and road trains, enhancing efficiency for transportation. Parkes has proficient access to all major mainland ports via road and rail. With an array of modal choices, Parkes can accommodate the various needs of new investors within the Shire.

Lifestyle and community

Parkes Shire residents enjoy an excellent work-life balance with affordable housing, low commute times, lifelong learning opportunities and ample recreational opportunities. Investors can rest assured knowing that Parkes is a sought-after location for people wanting to live the good life.